A comparison of e-liquid types

Those conversant with e-cigarettes also hold some knowledge about the stuff that makes up the e-liquid. After all, it is the e-liquid, which vaporizes into essence to simulate the ‘smoking’ experience. There are two essential types of e-liquids; one made with Propylene Glycol and the other made with Vegetable Glycerin (Ethylene Glycol).


typesPropylene Glycol is less viscous and thus more flowing in nature. It is a good delivery agent for nicotine and those who inhale considerable amounts of nicotine prefer this liquid. It does not have any odour and thus lets the flavour take precedence. With Propylene Glycol, you will better feel the impact of the flavour you have chosen. The vapour density is less even if the throat hit is more direct. It does not create a depositing layer, being quite thin in consistency.


Vegetable Glycol, on the other hand, creates a little fuss owing to its thickness. It also has a patent aroma which almost covers up the aroma of the flavour you choose. However, it is more user-friendly and offers best e-liquid flavours. It is preferred by those who don’t like nicotine in their e-liquid.


Whatever liquid you choose, make sure that it is present in the cartridge in considerable amount; otherwise you will feel a burnt taste with every puff. It is also necessary to keep the battery fully charged for better functionality of the atomizer. Keep things perfect and enjoy smooth vaping.