Important truths long time vapers will understand

If you’re relatively new to vaping then you’re probably finding that it’s a slow process of discovery. It’s a pretty new thing, but it has certainly been around long enough for people to find out a thing or two about it. There are certainly some important lessons and insights that … Continue reading

Benefits of unflavoured e-liquids

For a lot of people the best part of vaping is trying out different e-juice flavours. It’s like the most fun part after all! Sampling new flavours is one of the biggest drawcards for vaping, so it might surprise you to know that you can actually buy unflavoured e-juice. You … Continue reading

The impact of e-cig’s on your body

E-cigarettes are gaining traction as a new option for smoking and ingesting nicotine and provide an enjoyable, social community and stress relief for a lot of people. The relative newness of the product and the e-liquids that go into them mean that the long term health impacts of vaping are … Continue reading

Vaping as an alternative to smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly a difficult habit to kick, research shows that few people quit successfully on their first try, in fact it takes on average around 30 attempts before most people are able to successfully quit. Of the people that do successfully kick the habit to curb, only about 2-7% … Continue reading

Side effects of vaping

It may surprise you to know this, but vaping is not side-effect free, even when using e-liquid is without nicotine. Whilst e-cigs are a great alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and don’t contain a lot of the most harmful ingredients that can be found in your average cigarette, they still … Continue reading

Benefits of vaping

E-cigarettes are a relatively new thing, so understandably some people are cautious or reluctant to give up on a smoking habit in exchange for e-cigs. It’s smart to be cautious and do the research, we really don’t know much about e-cigs or their long term effects and we won’t for … Continue reading

Info for buying your first e-juice

Your e-cigarette is only as good as the e-juice you decide to load it with, so choosing your first flavour is just as important a decision as your first vaping device. You want to take your time with making a decision since you don’t want to invest in a bottle … Continue reading

5 facts about fruit e-liquids

Let’s face it, there are a lot of different e-liquids available in the current market. All you need to do is check out the crazy list at E-liquid Mate to understand just how comprehensive and varied the e-juice market can be. Vaping is well and truly on the rise. Naturally, … Continue reading